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Modular Homes: What are they and do you want to buy one?

Understanding the differences between housing options when you are searching for a home to purchase is very important. In your search for your dream house, you will encounter housing terms such as stick built, modular, and manufactured (mobile home). Each type of dwelling has their benefits and drawbacks, both temporary and long term. Primarily though confusion exists about modular home manufacturing. Also, many are unaware of the benefits of owning one.

The overall production of modular homes is a unique process. However, design begins as with most floor plans; with an architectural engineer using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program, and is approved by structural engineers for durability and safety. There are benefits to having your home constructed in the fashion of a modular home. The construction of the modular home sections begins on an enclosed factory floor. Quality control is strictly adhered too for each section of the house. Your home during the building phase is never subjected to inclement weather conditions, and usually the home can be ordered and delivered on site with in two weeks. Also, during this phase your contractor can set a pre - made foundation, and ensure that all necessary permits and grading work is completed in time for your modular home delivery. Finishing work such as crown molding, carpeting and appliance installation is completed once the home is joined and all utilities are hooked up. During this phase you can begin to pack and schedule your date for move in. Note worthy too is the fact that many modular homes can be special ordered from any standard house design on the market.

Other beneficial considerations of modular home purchasing are that because they meet state and local home building requirements, and are inspected by a certified inspector they usually exceed existing building codes, which makes obtaining financing easier. Banks and other types of mortgage lenders consider modular homes on par with the traditional on site stick built homes for varied reasons such as meeting state codes, and the use of a permanent foundation. Insurance rates for your home is in line and competitive with the traditionally constructed home too. Over all these factors influence two very important aspects of your home – its appreciation in value and the equity. If you ever decide to sell your home you will find few if any problems with anyone obtaining financing, or questioning the value of the home as compared to other stick built homes.

In a comparison between modular and manufactured homes the differences are clearly amplified, and the benefits of owning a modular home clarified too. When comparing them, the potential home owner must think in terms of the long run. Its true manufactured housing does have short term benefits, but over the long haul it might be wise to invest a little more money into a modular home. Take a glance at a few important comparisons below.

• Modular Homes – Appreciate in value, manufactured homes depreciate. • Modular Homes – Set on a permanent home foundation, manufactured homes set on a block pier making financing harder if not impossible to obtain. • Modular Homes – Meet state and local building requirements and are inspected, manufactured homes don’t, and structural reliability can be faulty. • Modular Homes – Meet federal, state and local regulations, while manufactured housing must meet only HUD (Housing and Urban Development) requirements. • Modular Homes- Are accepted into most communities of stick built homes, but restrictive covenants exist on where a manufactured house may be placed. • Modular Homes – Are in comparison just as energy saving in heating and cooling as any stick built home.

Other benefits of modular housing are that many contractor groups specialize in not only assembly of the home, but also in the other facets associated with home site development. For example, larger firms can help you finance your new home. Also, site excavation, site preparation and the installation of the foundations for the home and garage can easily be done. Not only will this eliminate any unnecessary headaches for you, in the end it will save your hard earned dollars. Modular homes are fast becoming the housing choice for the future, but whatever housing option you choose make sure it’s a decision you can live with.

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